Are you in the retail business? Read this article and discover the 7 benefits of implementing an iPad Point-of-Sale system in your store in 2017.

What kind of menus are you serving to your customers? Read the article and learn how creating an interactive and effective menu on the POS system is a great kick-off for your guest’s experience, and how it can increase your profits in 2017.

Outdated menu design and confusing up sales on the iPad POS system can become disadvantage such as indulging in verbal explanation, increased wait time, losing customers.

The menu design is a small fraction, but it is the key point when customers are bringing a purchasing decision.

Having an exclusive palette of servings and choices, great recipes and service, or even great reviews online, it all comes down to the menu when a guest is making a choice on how much money they want to spend. This is where you want your menu to perfectly designed and to lead the buyer on items you recommend.

Here are few items that you should highlight on your iPad POS menu:

Graphic Signs and Photos

Point out your most profitable menu articles with an illustration. Guests scan, they don’t read the menus. Focusing on few specific dishes with pictures will draw guests to the food and visually connect them with their order.

Good image with leave guests with ‘watery mouths’ that will increase the value of the dish over the price.

Price Manipulation

Also known as cost anchoring, is setting your most expensive dish near regular dishes. If your menu is segmented by sectors, each one would include a higher priced menu item, making the other choices look like a deal when compared. Tying your prices, lets you discover the value of your dishes you need to sell the mostly.


Having few options only on the menu is actually an advantage, if you have a lot of menu items you can’t really play with the design and visuals in order to increase profits, this also means fewer food costings and inventory management software features.

Not to mention, fewer menu options means less inventory and reduced waste costs.

Tell A Story Trough Good Copy

Focusing on the meal description and having them written as if they are small poems that evoke nostalgic emotions for the diners. Avoid proclaiming you have the best dishes ever, instead focus on something more similar that anyone can relate, example, “English breakfast just as the one your grandmother would cook for you on a spring morning.”

Did this give you any ideas on how you can design your POS menu? Digitized menus can also provide you with real-time changes, monitoring and tracking on each dish, revenue per table tracking and much more features that are integrated with your Point of Sale system and inventory management software.

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